We seek to empower women to actively contribute their voices in building communities where justice and equality prevail. We recognize that having confidence and a strong self-esteem are key to leadership and making an impact on society. As such, we have programs, primarily targeted at girls and women to foster a strong sense of self, in addition to a strong sense of community.  Additionally, we facilitate and advocate policies and programs that prioritize and make education and leadership opportunities more accessible and attainable for girls and women.




We acknowledge that mentorship is more than occasional meetings, impersonal questions, or providing partial help, it is about establishing an ongoing relationship of learning, dialogue, and challenge.  That is why we connect disadvantaged girls and women with more knowledgeable women within the community who are willing to mentor, empower, and inspire them to reach their fullest potential in life.

Health Workshops

We address the full range of physical and emotional issues women face at all stages of life.  We provide culturally-specific education and resources on a range of pressing health issues such as reproductive and mental health, violence against women, exercise and physical wellness, and quality nutrition.

I.M.A.G.E Campaign- 
is a domestic and international campaign that positively affirms the beauty of all African girls and women.  We aim to challenge the incompatible Western standards of beauty that have been introduced into African culture(s).  We seek to re-define models of beauty that value African features and attributes as a means of developing healthy attitudes towards self-esteem, which are focused on the acknowledgement, affirmation, and acceptance of who we are internally and externally.